Who drank my beer stash brother?

After a long day, there is nothing like a cold beer to wind down. But this little brat drank all of his older stepbrother’s beer when he wasn’t looking, and now he’s mad as hell. He proceeds to punish the naughty kid for his bad behavior, pulling down the boy’s shorts and slapping his tight ass. Little did he know the spanking would get this deviant teen horny. Soon, the kid has a mouthful of his big buddy’s fat cock, licking and slobbering as spit drips down his brother’s shaft. Then he turns around and braces his smooth boy hole for some anal punishment. His big bro slides his dick into his tight sphincter and strokes until they both shoot hot jizz onto the kid’s stomach. This kid sure did graduate quickly from beer to shots! (Cumshots, that is.)

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